Dec 02, 2022


Joints have long been a favorite of cannabis consumers, offering an easy and effective way to get lit.

In the era of legal weed, cannabis pre-rolls have become a go-to item at dispensaries across the country accounting for over 12% of all cannabis sales in the US, beating out weed pens and edibles. In Canada, pre-rolls account for 25% of weed sales.

Pre-rolls dominate the market for a number of reasons. Convenient, portable, and relatively cost-effective, pre-rolls give cannabis flower fans a taste of the Za they love without having to commit to a full 8th or more.

There are pre-rolls in a wide range of price points, from budget-friendly to boujee and everywhere in between. A dizzying amount of different types of pre-rolls on the market. include plain flower joints, infused pre-rolls, and even premium blunts.

But how exactly are pre-rolls made? Read on to learn more about one of the most popular products on dispensary shelves.


Technically speaking, a pre-roll is any type of prepared joint or blunt. Cannabis flower is ground up and placed inside of a rolling paper or wrap. The pre-roll will be rolled evenly and may be in a cone or cylindrical shape.

Most pre-rolls have a filter, sometimes called a crutch. The filter can be paper or glass. They’re a nice touch as they allow the user to smoke all of the flower in the joint without having to deal with a resiny roach.

Pre-rolls come in a variety of sizes with the average pre-roll containing one gram of cannabis. There are also tiny joints, often called “dog walkers” that usually have .2 grams. Larger pre-rolls and blunts may have two grams of flower or more.

Pre-rolls are also sold in many quantities. You can buy a single or a pack, which could have anywhere from two to seven joints inside. These multi-packs are especially useful for parties or for folks who consume regularly but aren’t great at rolling themselves.


As we mentioned above, there are seemingly endless types of pre-rolls. Here are some of the most popular.


The classic pre-roll contains nothing but good old weed. While some lower-end pre-rolls may use shake or trim, reputable brands will use buds. Flower pre-rolls can come in any size and a variety of weed strains.


A step up from the standard pre-roll is the infused pre-roll. These joints pack a punch thanks to the addition of cannabis extracts. The extracts may be rolled inside of the joint, sprayed on the flower, or spread on the outside of the paper.

Some infused pre-rolls contain distillate oil, while others have premium rosin or live resin. Instead of having the same strain of weed and concentrate, infused pre-rolls typically rely on pairings of two different strains.


If you want something even more powerful than the infused pre-roll, a tarantula is in order. These knock-out joints have a potent mix of flower, concentrate, and kief.

Tarantulas start with premium cannabis flower. A thin layer of cannabis oil (usually in the form of wax or budder) is placed on top before rolling. The infused joint is then dipped in thick cannabis oil and then kief, giving it a furry spider-like appearance.


A blunt is similar to a joint. The difference is that it does not use rolling papers and instead uses a leaf wrap. Traditionally, tobacco wraps are used. However, in the cannabis industry, they are usually made from hemp.

Blunts tend to be bigger than a regular pre-roll because the wraps are larger. For example, the 40s premium-infused blunts from STIIIZY contain two grams of premium flower.


A hemp pre-roll is like a regular pre-roll except it uses hemp flower. Hemp is a type of cannabis that only contains trace amounts of THC, usually under 0.3%, but is high in CBD or other lesser-known cannabinoids like CBG or CBC.

Hemp pre-rolls are useful for people who may want to use cannabis therapeutically and not get “high.” They are especially popular in states lacking legal marijuana.


Pre-rolls are crafted at scale using special machines that can fill multiple cones at once. Empty cones are held firmly in place using a base plate or short tube. Next, a funnel is used to feed ground cannabis flower into the paper.

The pre-rolls are then tampered down either by machine or hand. This ensures there are no pockets of air, allowing the pre-roll to burn evenly.

The ends are twisted or patted down to secure the bud in place. An additional shake is given to allow all the flower to settle. The joints are then packaged in tubes, jars, or boxes.

Labels with testing information, manufacturing date, and other required data are placed on the finished product. These labels are important as they inform consumers about the product and confirm its authenticity.


Manufacturing infused pre-rolls is a bit trickier than standard joints due to the infusion of oil. However, the higher price tag these pre-rolls commands make the additional labor more than worth it for brands.

Some infused pre-rolls are crafted by hand, with snake-like ropes of oil set carefully on top of the bud. Other times, the oil is sprayed on flower before it’s rolled. Infused joints may also simply be dipped or rolled in oil after they’re complete.

Many brands use special machines to precisely inject pre-rolls. This equipment, while an expensive investment, is able to make hundreds of infused joints per day.


With so many pre-rolls on the market, it can be hard to discern which are top-shelf. While you may think that the most expensive joints are automatically first-class, it’s not always the case.

The best pre-rolls use full buds, not trim or shake. They are freshly produced and should have an even, slow burn. The joint should stay lit without needing to continuously puff and offer a smooth hit.

Some people believe that white ash is indicative of high-quality bud but the theory hasn’t been proven. The flavor and the smoke are better ways to decide if the joint is desirable.


Pre-rolls are a massive segment of the legal cannabis market, attracting consumers of all types. Easy to smoke, economical, and effortless to enjoy, pre-rolls of all types are likely to continue their dominance of dispensary sales for years to come.

When shopping for pre-rolls, it’s important to only purchase them from reputable, licensed dispensaries. This guarantees their quality, potency, and safety.


At STIIIZY, we only use premium flowers for all of our cannabis pre-rolls (40% THC potency) and infused pre-rolls. Explore all of STIIIZY’s products here.

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